Gordo's photos from January/February 1999
All photos and text Copyright © 1999 Gordon Richardson gordonr@iafrica.com

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Crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk

crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk

Crepuscular ray spectacle at dawn

crepuscular ray spectacle at dawn

Sunset on altocumulus with rays (separate days)

sunset on altocumulus with rays sunset over Constantia Nek

Sunrise spectacles (separate days)

sunrise spectacle sunrise on altocumulus

Sunset glow

sunset glow

Tuesday 23 February '99

Fog rolling in front of Table Mountain and Lion's Head

fog in front of Table Mountain fog rolling over Kloof Nek past Lion's Head fog over Lion's Rump

Fog surrounding Lion's Head and Cape Town Harbour

fog surrounding Lion's Head fog in silhoutte fog over Cape Town harbour

Cirrus with halo

cirrus with halo

Cirrocumulus waves

cirrocumulus waves

Cirrus ripples

cirrus ripples

Smoke over Table Mountain
The smoke was from a huge forest fire 50km away

smoke over Table Mountain

Cirrocumlus waves over Devil's Peak (with close-up)

cirrocumlus waves over Devil's Peak cirrocumulus waves close-up

I'm not happy with the quality of these, but they are interesting:

Mist and trees, with sunbeams

mist and trees, with sunbeams

Fog over Constantia

fog over Constantia

Crepuscular rays

crepuscular rays

Bright double rainbow
Unfortunately the print quaility is poor

bright double rainbow

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