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New Clouds - by Dane Gerneke
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Dane's clouds
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New Clouds
Dec '03/Apr '04

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More favourite clouds
Wallpaper size clouds (1024x768) versions
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Favourite photos

sunset spectacle on cirrus

cirrus finger shaped patterns

New photos - September '98

cumulus heaped cirrus waves

New photo - Oct/Nov '98

cirrus shape

New photo - January '00

cumulonimbus over Cape Town

Cumulonimbus - March '83
photo by Dane Gerneke


Click here for more of my favourite clouds

The following sites have excellent collections of cloud photos: Dr John A. Day (Cloudman) has a site devoted to clouds and a cloud gallery
as well as 10 Reasons to Look UP! (good reasons for cloudwatching).

His new book is a must-buy: The Book of Clouds (ISBN 0760735360)
Focusing purely on clouds, with little text but many full-size photos

The following site has a *different* view of clouds by Wallace

I am attempting to classify my photos.
Click here to see a rough list of cloud types

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