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Clouds patterns and sunbeams over sea from Clifton - Mar '03

altocumulus bands from Kenilworth sunbeams and clouds over sea from Clifton

Lenticular cloud layers - Nov '01

lenticular cloud layers

Cumulonimbus over Cape Town - Jan '00

cumulonimbus over Cape Town

Cumulonimbus heads - Dec '99

cumulonimbus heads

New photo - Jun/Jul '99

sunbeams spectacle

New photo - May/Jun '99

stratocumulus with blue sky in gaps

New photo - Mar/Apr '99

altocumulus radiatus

January '99

crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk crepuscular ray spectacle at dawn

December '98

altocumulus and tree facing Hottentots Holland

wave clouds Table Cloth and cirrus shape double wave cloud over Devil's Peak

October/November '98

cirrus shape

September '98

ragged cumulus cumulus heaped

cloud chaos cirrus waves

early-June '98

serene blend of clouds at dusk solar halo on wavy cirrus at dawn

late-April '98

cumulonimbus driven by cold front cirrus finger shaped patterns

mid-April '98

wide angle of dawn on cirrus

early-April '98

layered lenticular clouds

rainbow near Worcester pale rainbow at noon

fog bank over Northern Suburbs from Rhodes Memorial

puffy cumulus cloud cumulonimbus cloud over Northern Suburbs of Cape Town

sunset on spectacular cirrus clouds

Cumulonimbus - March '83 by Dane Gerneke


Sunset on wave clouds - February '74 - by Dane Gerneke

sunset on wave clouds

Wave cloud over Devil's Peak - February '74 by Dane Gerneke

wave cloud over Devil's Peak

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