Gordo's gallery of halos
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Cirrus layers at dawn (with sundog) - Nov '02

cirrus layers at dawn with sundog (halo)

Halo in cirrus over trees - Oct '02

halo in cirrus over trees

Cirrus (22 deg) halo - Aug/Sep '00

cirrus halo and tree

Iridescence on altocumulus clouds - May/Jun '00

iridescence on altocumulus clouds

Complete 22deg solar halo - April '00
A 24mm lens would get all in the frame

complete 22deg solar halo

Solar halo and tree - Nov '99

solar halo and tree

22 deg halo on wavy cirrus at dawn - early-June '98

solar halo on wavy cirrus at dawn

Solar halo "glory" from Table Mountain - Aug '82
photo by Leon Breytenbach

solar halo (glory) from Table Mountain

Iridescence from lenticular cloud - June '99

iridescence from lenticular cloud

Iridescence - April '75
photos by Dane Gerneke

iridescence iridescence

Halo around moon - February '75
photo by Dane Gerneke

halo around moon

22 deg halo - October '81
photo by Dane Gerneke

22 deg halo

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