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This is by no means a comprehensive list, just some sites that have caught my attention recently.
If you find any dead links, please e-mail me at gordonr@iafrica.com

  • Recommended books
  • Sites that link to my site (sites with related themes)
  • Photos specific to Cape Town and South Africa
  • Cape information and resources
  • Weather, cloud and sunset photos
  • Photography galleries
  • Web Travel & Philip Greenspun
  • Web Design, Photography & Philip Greenspun

    Recommended Books and Maps

    South African Weather and Atmospheric Phenomena (ISBN 187509332X)
    Dries van Zyl  General South African weather text, with lots of photos

    The Book of Clouds (ISBN 0760735360)
    by John A. Day  Focusing purely on clouds, with little text but many full-size photos

    A Field Guide to the Atmosphere (ISBN 0395976316)
    by Vincent J. Schaefer, John A. Day, Christy E. Day (Illustrator)
    Detailed text on weather and atmospheric phenomena with many illustrations

    Also Peterson First Guide to Clouds and Weather (ISBN 0395906636)
    A compact beginners guide with illustrations, by the same authors above

    The Maps.co.za excellent series by Baardskeerder cc

    Sites that link to my site (sites with related themes)

    Australian Severe Weather a mega site with cloud and storm photos

    WolkenAtlas.de (German text) amazing!!

    Michael Thompson's Australian storms, clouds, and sunsets

    Bernard Hulshof's Weather Pictures

    Cape Mountain Meanders useful for local info, history, maps and links

    Scrapbook of Cape Town photos some great images by a visitor

    Cape Town weather and climate by Kevin Levey

    Storm Chasing SA by Bryn de Kocks

    Photos specific to Cape Town and South Africa

    Images of Cape town a number of interesing photos

    A Photo Gallery of Cape Town by Pat McKune

    Images of the natural landscape of Southern Africa by Dries van Zyl

    Untamed South Africa a home page about nature and tourism in SA

    NASA image of the day - Western Cape (24 Dec 2004)

    Local information and resources

    Cape Peninsula National Park overview, information, history and links

    Cape Nature Conservation Provincial Reserves

    Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens world famous

    Harold Porter Botanical Gardens (near Betty's Bay) lesser known "gem"

    UWC Botany Department facts on Fynbos

    UCT Geology Department geology of the Cape Peninsula

    Garden Route Home Pages extensive list of resources

    Max Search Engine:Western Cape

    Cape Connected has a wide variety of tourism and other links

    Cape Town City Guide on About.com

    Kapstadt.de (German text) or English version

    Photographer's Guide to S. Africa (on photo.net)

    Go Africa directory of sites continent wide

    Ananzi Search Engine (South Africa)

    Weather, cloud and sunset photos

    Meteorology on About.com large range of useful links

    Steve Albers's Weather Photographs

    Shooting the Aurora Borealis

    Greg Thompson's In the Clouds photography

    Tom Polakis Sky Photography

    Harald Edens weather and cloud photos

    Strike One by Michael Fewings

    Mark Vornhusen's rainbows, halos and atmospheric phenomena

    Marko's weather photography page

    Photography galleries

    Mountain Light by Galen Rowell the master of light and colour

    Ctein's online gallery extraordinary quality!

    Luminous Landscape some fine photos and techniques

    Ernst Haas Photographer stunning!

    Kurt Ross Transcendent Nature excellent!

    Randy Wang's Magical Moments excellent!

    Impressions by Yoshizo Kawasaki excellent!

    Tom Till Photography

    James Kay - Utah and Arizona photographs

    In the heart of the Alps by Q T Luong

    Enlightened Images Photography by Gary Crabbe

    Geoff Doré (UK)

    Akkana's Photo page

    Steve Hoffmann's Nature and Scenic Photography excellent!

    Tom Grubbe's Nature Photography similiar themes/to my liking!

    Sierra Nevada by Philip Greenspun

    Photo Critique (forum/upload/discussion of images)

    FreeNaturePictures.com a collection of high-resolution photos of including clouds and sunsets

    Web Travel

    Web Travel Review by Philip Greenspun featuring Travels with Samantha
    This site won Best of the Web in 1994 (long before most of us got started!)

    Web Design

    useit.com by Jakob Nielsen - gives some important tips on design and useability of sites

    Scanning tips by Wayne Fulton (lots of useful info!)

    Search Engine Watch by Danny Sullivan
    More than you ever wanted to know, whether a surfer or a webmaster!

    Dead Trees and what they can teach you about photography by Philip Greenspun for photo.net

    Web Tools Review including the text of his new book on website design by Philip Greenspun

    If you are wondering why Greenspun appears so often, it is because he is probaly one of the best all round photographer/writer/web designer on earth. If you haven't been to one of his site(s), go there NOW!

    Greenspun also maintains a database where you can add your own URL to his list of links

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