Gordo's gallery of rainbows
All photos Copyright © 1998-1999 Gordon Richardson gordonr@iafrica.com

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Unless specified, all photos on this page were taken from my flat in Kenilworth.

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Bright double rainbow over trees - Dec '99

bright double rainbow over tree

Rainbow over Table Mountain - August '98

wide angle of rainbow over Table Mountain

Early-June 1998

These photos show a series of images were from a single very bright rainbow
Different aspects are visible over a time frame of 15 minutes
The one on the left is at sunset, with only red and yellow visible

rainbow at sunset zoom in on rainbow bright arc of rainbow double rainbow
Pale rainbow at noon

pale rainbow at noon

Near Worcester - Winter 1988 - facing South West

rainbow near Worcester

May 1998 - facing South West

rainbow against cumulus above Muizenberg Mountain

Double rainbow - June/July '99

double rainbow

Rainbow in front of Table Mountain from Blouberg
photo copyright Adrian Scheepers

Rainbow in front of Table Mountain from Blouberg

Rainbow over Devil's Peak - February '78
photo by Dane Gerneke

rainbow over Devil's Peak

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