Gordo's photos of sunbeams/crepuscular rays
All photos and text Copyright © 1998-2003 Gordon Richardson gordonr@iafrica.com

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Clouds and sunbeams over sea from Clifton - Mar '03

sunbeams and clouds over sea from Clifton

Anti-crepuscular rays - Feb '01
Opposite the sun

anti-crepuscular rays

Sun rays and foggy trees in Rhodes Estate - May/Jun '00

sun rays and trees with fog in Rhodes Estate side view of rays with fog and trees in Rhodes Estate

Sunbeams behind Devil's Peak - early May '00

sunbeams behind Devil's Peak

Sunbeams over Cecilia Forest/back of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak - Jul/Aug '99

sunbeams over back of Table Mountain from Cecilia Forest sunbeams over Devil's Peak

Sunbeams from cloud over Devil's Peak - Jul/Aug '99

sunbeams from cloud over Devil's Peak

Sunbeams though foggy tree - June/July '99

sunbeams though foggy tree

Sunrise spectacle - June/July '99

sunbeams spectacle

Crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk - Jan/Feb '99

crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk

Crepuscular ray spectacle at dawn - Jan/Feb '99

crepuscular ray spectacle at dawn

Sunset glow - Jan/Feb '99

sunset glow

Sunbeams in late afternoon sky - December '98

sunbeams and tree sunbeams in blue sky golden sunset glow over Constantiaberg

Sunbeams at dawn and dusk - November '98

sunrise rays sunbeams at dusk

Shadow on lower clouds - September '98

City Hall and towering shadows of clouds

Sunbeams over saddle - August '98

sunbeams over saddle

Sunrise rays - August '98

sunrise rays

Sunbeams through clouds - July '98

sunbeams through clouds

Silver lining with sunbeams - May '98

silver lining with sunbeams

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how and why the rays appear to extend upward and outward

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