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Waterfall in Silvermine Reserve - Jan '08

Waterfall in Silvermine Reserve

Cecilia Gorge waterfall - Jun '01

waterfall in Cecilia Gorge

Waterfalls in the sun on Table Mountain - Aug/Sep '00

waterfalls in the sun on Table Mountain

Waterfalls on cliffs above Michell's Pass - Aug/Sep '00

waterfalls on cliffs above Michell's Pass

Waterfall and cliffs above Du Toits Kloof pass - Aug/Sep '00

waterfall and cliffs above Du Toits Kloof pass

Waterfall in upper Du Toits Kloof - late Jul '00

waterfall in upper Du Toits Kloof

Waterfall at top of Mitchell's Pass, Ceres - September '99

waterfall at top of Mitchell's Pass, Ceres

Waterfall in Silvermine after heavy rain - September '99

bottom of Silvermine waterfall, with rainbow

Window Gorge from Boschenheuwel and waterfall from Newlands Forest - March/April '99

Window Gorge from Boschenheuwel waterfall and sun from Newlands Forest

Window Gorge above Kirstenbosch - Autumn '96

broken branch and waterfall in flood
This view show the effect of seasonal rainfall in Cape Town,
which is fairly dry for 6 months of the year.

Just to the left are Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Cape Town's main perennial river is the Liesbeeck.

Waterfall bonanza on Table Mountain from Newlands - early-May '98

waterfall bonanza on Table Mountain from Newlands
After 3 days of non stop rain, there was a brief gap in the clouds. The sun was hiding, so the waterfalls don't stand out as sharply in this photo as they appeared to the naked eye.

Waterfall bonanza above Newlands Forest on Table Mountain

waterfall bonanza above Newlands Forest on Table Mountain
This photo courtesy of Kevin Richardson shows the amazing number of waterfalls on the Eastern side of Table Mountain, as seen from Newlands. Click here to see an annotated photo of Eastern side of Table Mountain with some of the major names indicated. All the waterfalls in this photo are below Ascension Buttress, and all flow into the Liesbeeck River.

Table Mountain above Newlands - October '97

huge waterfall above Newlands on Table Mountain
This photo is about 3km north of Window Gorge and Kirstenbosch. Newlands is the wettest suburb in South Africa. This photo was taken from a parking area near my work. This rain was very late, since winter normally ends in August. This single waterfall is the same as the one in the extreme right of the photo above.

1stweather.com is a good source of information.
Click here to see winter rainfall patterns around Cape Town
Click here to see statistical and rainfall data for Cape Town.

Front of Devil's Peak and Table Mountain - Spring '96

waterfall on Devil's Peak waterfall and flowers on Table Mountain
These are one of many small waterfalls on the front of Table Mountain visble from Tafelberg Road. The photo on the right was from below the Cable station. Few people ever see this waterfall because it is deep in the shadows and they are looking up at the mountain. Both only flow in winter.

Woodstock Cave, Devil's Peak - Spring '96

waterfall at Woodstock cave City from inside Woodstock cave

Woodstock Cave is a small overhang on Devil's Peak, with an entrance partly veiled by a small waterfall.

It is accessible on foot by a 20 min walk from the end of Tafelberg Road. Click here to see the postion of Devil's Peak relative to Cape Town in panoramas from Kloof Nek.

Southern Suburbs of Cape Town - Spring '96

waterfall on Boyes Drive waterfall in Silvermine Nature Reserve along Ou Kaapse Weg
These two waterfalls look quite similar, but they are 10km apart. What is similar is the fynbos plants and the sandstone rock which underlies most of the Cape Peninsula.

The one on the left is on Boyes Drive, which has great views over False Bay. The one on the right in on Ou Kaapse Weg which runs through Silvermine Nature Reserve.

Click here to see more panoramas from the Cape Peninsula

Du Toits Kloof pass - July '90 and Winter '95

waterfall above Du Toits Kloof pass waterfall from snow topped cliff above Du Toits Kloof pass

I struggle to believe that these two photos are of the same waterfall, since I took them 5 years apart. Winter 1990 was very dry and mild, so there was little rain and snow. The photo from 1995 shows snow at the top of the mountain, and a much higher rainfall.

Boland Mountains - Winter '96

waterfall close-up on Michell's pass waterall in fynbos at Villiersdorp

These two waterfalls are in the mountains inland from Cape Town. On the left is a close-up of a waterfall on Mitchell's pass which rises up to Ceres. On the right is a large waterfall which is the main water source for the town of Villiersdorp. It is surrounded by a protea garden.

Harold Porter Gardens - December '95

waterfall in Harold Porter Gardens

This secluded waterfall is in the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens near Betty's Bay, on the South Cape Coast.

Kranshoek waterfall near Knysna
wide angle of Kranshoek waterfall huge waterfall at Kranshoek

Tugela Falls in Drakensberg Mountains - by Kevin Richardson

Tugela Falls in Drakensberg Mountains

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