Gordo's photos from Switzerland (October 1990 Roll 10)
All photos and text Copyright © 1998 Gordon Richardson gordonr@iafrica.com

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Lucerne - wooden bridge over lake and chapel
Lucerne wooden bridge over lake with birds Lucerne chapel

I think Lucerne is one of the prettiest towns in the
world. Tragically this centuries old wooden bridge
burned down in 1992, but has since been rebuilt.

Day trip to see the snow (Lucerne - Mt Titlis)

Farm with mist and trees up mountainside

farm with mist and trees up mountainside tree covered hillside and mountain

Trees up mountainside to snow

trees up mountainside to snow capped peak trees and cliffs up mountainside

Mountain with trees and lake

trees and sheer mountainside mountain with trees and lake lake and hillside over valley from cable car

Mt Titlis glacier

snowball throwing on summit Mt Titlis summit glacier Mt Titlis glacier

Glacier wreathed peaks

glacier wreathed mountain glacier capped peaks

Peaks surrounding glacial valley

glacier and peak peaks surrounding valley

Group portraits on summit
The photographer is on the extreme left (I looked younger then :-)

group portrait on summit (me on left) group portrait on summit

Snow fun!

snow fun on summit

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