Background Information about Gordo's weather and photo pages

The majority of images on this website were taken by myself (and some by my brother Kevin).
Many photos were taken from my own flat, over a period of 12 years.
I am interested in weather, clouds, sunsets and landscapes.
More broadly: I like colour, shape, patterns and light.
I live in Cape Town SA, one of the most scenic cities in the world.
I am also lucky to have panoramic views (all sides, except due West).
If you have any photos you want linked to my page, please contact me.

This is a hobby, so I don't expect any money. However, I do have some basic "rules".
If you want to use my photos for any commercial purpose, please contact me.
The best "fair use" description I have seen is Philip Greenspun's copyright notice.

Viewing tips
If these photos don't look good try the following: How to set images as wallpaper
For Internet Explorer and Netscape (on Windows 95/98): That's it! Minimise all windows to see the effect.
You could also click on "Save Picture As" for later use.

Camera Equipment
All the photos on this site were taken with a Pentax K1000 camera,
and many with an Elicar 35-200mm zoom lens (no longer in stock).
My camera and lenses were stolen in July 1997, so I bought another K1000 (it works for me :)
For most of the latest images I used my brother's Vivitar 35-105mm zoom (a few with 80-200mm zoom).

Computer Equipment
Pentium 200MMx, 64Meg RAM, ATI 3D video card and Viewsonic E655 15in monitor.
The Gamma setting on my ATI card is 1.20 (total gamma is 2.20)
USR Sportster 56K modem
UMAX Astra 1200S, SCSI, 30-bit scanner
JASC Paint Shop Pro 4.14
Win 95 (OSR2) and IE4.01
This site also tested with Opera 3.5 browser
I have since upgraded to a P3 1GHz, and 17in monitor (Jan 2002).

Image capture
Scanned from 4x6in (10x15cm) colour prints at 200dpi.
A few slides scanned with a UTA-2A adapter at 600dpi (not very good...)
Gamma is critical when scanning: prints use 1.2 to 1.6, slides use 1.8 to 2.2
Click here to see some gamma test scans
Images of 1200x800 saved for archiving, or use as wallpaper approx 1150x768.
Cropped to approx 800x520 for standard pages.

Jpeg compression (click here for a tutorial on Jpeg)
My site is designed to give maximum image size, with minimum load time.
I use a wide variety of "compression", from 15x to 65x (PSP settings).
Paintshop Pro has a nice Batch function for doing the conversions.
The "compressibility" of an image seems to depend on the amount of "detail".
Blue skies and snow can easily compress 100x, but grass, leaves and rocks don't compress more than 15x
(technically this is measured by the high frequency spatial components.)
I wrote an article for on Jpeg Compression (

Because of the high compression chosen, you probably won't be happy printing
from my 800x600 images (they work fine as backgound/wallpaper).
The 1024x768 images are somewhat better quality. They print fine
up to 7x11in size (and 11x17in when viewed at a distance).
(Many thanks to Roy Lomicka for the prints).
If you wish to obtain better quality scans please contact me.

It is possible to make photos "look better" by using sharpening. I tend to avoid
this because it is a subjective effect, and tends to increase the resulting file sizes.
Paintshop Pro 5 has Unsharp Mask (use radius 1.0, strength 100%, clipping 3)

Site Layout
I am still experimenting with page layout and site naviagtion.
At this stage this is purely a hobby - I have no major plans (yet).
If there are any images that you really like,and wish
to obtain further copies, please contact me.

Web pages
HTML 3 (no frames)

Web space
I moved my site to Simplenet on 12 Mar 1998 and have had an excellent response.
Simplenet has been acquired by Yahoo Inc.

Internet Africa provide 5 Meg of personal space.
My "old" site is still there for those who want to look.

Hit counters

I don't have a hit counter on my home page, because I have many sub-pages.
I get full log files from Simplenet, and when I have enough data, I will
update my favourites list to reflect user preferences.
My site first started getting significant hits via Alta Vista from 24 May 1998 onwards.
Other search engines have added my page(s) since then.
From mid Jan 1999 to end Feb 1999 my wallpaper page received significant hits.
These have stopped as suddenly as they started.

Previous months
May 1998 = 4165 total hits
Jun 1998 = 12789 total hits
Jul 1998 = 15454 total hits
Aug 1998 = 20407 total hits
Sep 1998 = 33915 total hits
Oct 1998 = 45812 total hits
Nov 1998 = 52266 total hits
Dec 1998 = 44315 total hits
Jan 1999 = 63257 total hits
Feb 1999 = 88636 total hits
Mar 1999 = 81793 total hits
Apr 1999 = 65818 total hits
May 1999 = 58627 total hits
Jun 1999 = 51543 total hits
Jul 1999 = 52600 total hits
Aug 1999 = 50373 total hits
Sep 1999 = 49444 total hits
Oct 1999 = 53896 total hits

Counters from 1 Nov to 30 Nov 1999

All pages served = 29501 hits
index.htm = 2197 hits
clouds.htm = 1601 hits
full-size-favourites/index.htm = 2141 hits
sunset.htm = 691 hits
full-size-favourites/wall-clouds.htm = 607 hits
sunrise.htm = 605 hits
rainbows.htm = 425 hits
links.htm = 425 hits
favourites2.htm = 331 hits
full-size-favourites/index2.htm = 327 hits

Jpeg's served = 24318 hits (plus thumbnails served)
full-size-favourites/07_sunset_miltn_wide.jpg = 289 hits
full-size-favourites/05_sunrise_stunning.jpg = 257 hits
full-size-favourites/15_miltn_beach_tm.jpg = 256 hits
full-size-favourites/23_sunbeam_spectacle.jpg = 244 hits
full-size-favourites/20_tm_wave_cloud.jpg = 239 hits
dane/full-size/feb78_26rainbow_dp.jpg = 226 hits
full-size-favourites/16_forest_dolomite_peaks.jpg = 195 hits
full-size-favourites/01_sunset_spectacle.jpg = 195 hits
full-size-favourites/06_divergent_bolts.jpg = 192 hits
full-size-favourites/08_waves_wilderness.jpg = 189 hits

Click here for a graph of daily hits on this site (1 Dec '98 to 30 Nov '99)

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About me
Photo of me (with my niece)
The following pages provide a little more information:
Autumn '87 (some early photos)
Autumn '95 (my favourite time of year)
My website is my story...

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