Dane's cirrus photos
All photos Copyright © 1999 Dane Gerneke

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Cirrus ripples - April '75
The pattern on the right may be caused by a plane flying through the cloud

cirrus ripples banded cirrus

Cirrus with contrail - December '75
Note the shadow from the contrail on the cirrus

cirrus with contrail

Cirrus streaks (and halo) - July '74

cirrus streaks

Cirrus fluffy - July '82

cirrus fluffy

Altocumulus rolls- July '82

altocumulus rolls

Cirrus rolls - July '82

cirrus rolls

Cirrus with virga - May '80

cirrus with virga

Cirrus with virga - September '79

cirrus with virga

Cirrocumulus edge - September '79 (possibly wave cloud)

cirrocumulus edge

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