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Sunbeams spectacle - June/July '99

sunbeams spectacle

May/June '99

sunrise on cirrus over mountains

March/April '99

sunrise glow and clouds over mountains

January/February '99

sunrise spectacle

December '98

orange sunrise on cirrus over Kogelberg

October '98

sunrise rays

August '98

sunrise rays sunrise through veil of clouds

Sunrise over Drakensberg Mountains
photo courtesy Kevin Richardson

sunrise over Drakensberg Mountains

Autumn '96

sunrise zoomed in over mountains sunrise spectacle over Boland mountains

I do not know if "El Nino" had anything to do with it, but this month was stunning.
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sunrise stunner over mountains

Sunrise on cirrus - Mid April '98

sunrise on cirrus wide angle of sunrise on cirrus

Sunrise with two levels of clouds, rays, and fog

sunrise with rays

Sunrise spectacles with layers of cirrus - May '98

sunrise spectacle on cirrus layers

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