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Table Mountain with standing wave cloud

sunset wave cloud alto cumulus clouds

sunrise on spectacular clouds sunrise spectacle over Boland mountains sunrise stunner over mountains

cumulonimbus driven by cold front stratus layers over Constantiaberg

fog bank over Northern Suburbs from Rhodes Memorial

layered lenticular clouds Fog over suburbs and cirrus over mountains from Rhodes Memorial

serene blend of clouds at dusk solar halo on wavy cirrus at dawn zoom in on rainbow

sunbeams through clouds

New photos - August '98

sunbeams over saddle ragged cirrus

cirrus streaks sunrise through veil of clouds

New photos - September '98

fluffy cirrus City Hall and towering shadows of clouds wide angle of sunset from Milnerton beach

alto cumulus ragged cumulus cloud chaos

October/November '98

alto cumulus waves cirrus shape sunrise rays

sunbeams at dusk closeup of cirro cumulus patterns

December '98

streaky cirrus altocumulus and tree facing Hottentots Holland

wave clouds double wave cloud over Devil's Peak

New photos - January/February '99

crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk crepuscular ray spectacle at dawn

New photos - March/April '99

sunset on altocumulus over Constantiaberg sunrise glow and clouds over mountains

New photo - May/June '99

stratocumulus with blue sky in gaps

New photos - Jul/Aug '99

regular shaped altocumulus patterns orographic cumulus/wind driven lenticular

New photo - September '99

altocumulus ripples

New photos - Oct to Dec '99

cumulonimbus heads rippled base of lenticular cloud

New photo - January '00

cumulonimbus over Cape Town

Lenticular cloud layers - Nov '01

lenticular cloud layers

Altocumulus bands from Kenilworth - Mar '03

altocumulus bands from Kenilworth

Cumulus over Table Mountain - Mar '04

cumulus cloud band over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak

Photos courtesy of Kevin Richardson

sunset on Table Cloth over Twelve Apostles aerial view of Lions Head and Table Cloth over Table Mountain

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